Grace of Life

By and by
As time is taken in its tranquil graces
Warm in mind
Warm in heart
Grace is begotten and grace is begone
Tranquil grace, pray, continue on

As the sea lapeth quietly at the peaceful shores
So doth the heart rest a peaceful mind

By and by
Time and again
A tranquil grace
Shalt be given fold ten

A life is a life is a life is a life
It is a whisper of smoke
That shalt vanish in the wind,
Dispersed in the memories of others

What makes life what it is
Are the memories placed inside
The mortal shell
Hidden deep down deep within

Not the beat of thine mortal heart
Not the blink of thine mortal eye
But by the mind that hath the heart 
of a brother, a sister, a lover, a mother,
a father, a friend, a neighbor
or a Samaritan stranger

shalt thee be just that shell,
not to grasp what thy mental
heart hath spake to thee
Sayist I, Nay!  Thee shalt grasp
Thine memory, good or bad
And holdeth to thine memory

For that is thy life
Not how long thy mortal flesh
Shalt last
Not how long thy blood shalt flow hot in thy vein
Not any but thy memory


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