The Pendulum of Time

Pendulum of Time


As time ticks by,

Everything seems to go in slow motion.

Days drag on,

Every time you hear the tick it’s another second,

Another second.

Just, another, second.

As the ticks add up,

You begin to see a broader spectrum of the world you live in.

Tick #157,680,000, tick #157,680,001, tick #157,680,002,

This is the pendulum of time.


The pendulum of time is everything,

It’s the only thing that all of the universe runs off of.

Without time there would be nothing,

Not even a split second of the universe would take place as it does now.

Imagine it like,

A fruit fly.

A fruit fly lives for only 24 hours,

They have only 86,400 ticks on the pendulum of time.

86,400 ticks is nothing but a mere span of experiences,

Consequently very little intelligence.


31,536,000 ticks is exactly equivalent to 1 year,

157,680,000 ticks --- 5 years,

315,360,000 ticks --- 10 years,

437,040,000 ticks --- 15 years,

15,768,000,000 ticks --- 50 years,

31,536,000,000 ticks --- 100 years.


Where are you on the Pendulum of time?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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