Natural Hair

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Dear mane, I used to be ashamed to say that you’re mine On the playground, getting harassed with questions like: “Were you born with braids on your head?”, “How does it grow so fast?”,
I have studied the tight curls on the back of your neck – Audre Lorde That proudly screams I am a black woman In a society that breaks their back
Kinky! Curly! Rough! All the words to describe just how tough natural hair really is! Won’t lay down, tangling constantly, no moisture. What can I do to get my hair as soft and curly as others?
Pardon me while I speak from my roots By this, I mean the beginning of my hair follicles So excuse me if my words sound twisted or dark by nature If you catch my drift.   Joined and denounced by many
Dear Ms. Arie I am my hair I am my skin I am also the soul that lives within Times have changed Ms. Arie I can walk around the office with wild hair and still be "irie" Dark skin is just my color
I was tired of the conformity, I had finally found myself. The braids hid the real me, Long and black, Suffocating my true self. The words were thrown, Like blows from hands, You have no hair,
Thorns reside on a crown where roses once grew Spiraling outward towards the heavens with the arrival of spring It’s winter now. What was once a fiery bush of life
It makes me sad when people make fun of black girl’s curlsBecause that’s all I ever wanted.My hair is curly too, but not curly enough to be coolor flat enough to be normal or white people hair.
I am more than the 4C type It does not get me where I’m going in life The kinkiness does not exemplify what I am capable of Just how I present myself out of love  
My mane is mane Says more about me then my name Bold Never afraid to do its own thing
Is it natural? Yup You're telling me there's no weave or extensions? Yup Well then you must be part white or something? Nope Seriously, you're fully African American? Yup But,you have a perm then? Nope
My hair is wild and crazy Especially when I'm lazy Takes hours of work to comb through But hey, not everyone wants to look like you You can laugh and tease, I don't care Because I sure do love my "nappy hair"
He told me to contain my hair. To pull the reins on my paradise. He said "They won't stop staring." He couldn't understand the mutiny. I had  a Garden of Eden growing from my roots.
Flowing Locks Of Ropes Cherish thee With Love       Long braids flowing down hardly ever touch the ground.   Pig tails-Pony tails
i sat in my imagination recreated music videos   imagined my skin bleached  by the lights   as the music made my hair feel long,   
Soft as cotton, Black as charcoal Intertwining curls making rough tweaking music The sound of dry bristles Yet fluffy to the eye Having a mind of its own Uncooperative, stubborn, and hard headed
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