Beautiful Black Girl with 4C Hair




All the words to describe just how tough natural hair really is!

Won’t lay down, tangling constantly, no moisture.

What can I do to get my hair as soft and curly as others?

I am using every product you can name that serves natural hair

Nothing seems to give me the results I need.

I hate my hair! 4c sucks I might as well throw some weave or braids in,

That’s the only way to tame this mane.

Try a relaxer they say only to leave me tense and my scalp on fire!

Blob after blob leaving behind chemical burns, covering

my scalp with so many scabs but soft hair is my only desire

All of this just to get my hair to slick back like those other girls?

A every six weeks fix to straightening my roots and alleviate nappiness?

Nah! I’ll try something else that won’t damage my natural tresses.

Big chop! Growing that relaxer out is tough

Back to this nappy 4c mess and looking rough, with the continuous stress

Why did I cut out my relaxer? *sigh* let’s try some extensions, hopefully

that can release some of the tension but it’s so expensive

I am being indecisive I just want my hair to grow.

Seems like the extensions are delaying my growth instead of helping, but I don’t know!

Let’s take a break and fix my crown, using only sulfate free products is going down.

Avocado, caster, olive, and coconut oils are essential for consistent moisture and bettering my texture.

Practice makes perfect and the routine is finally showing some positive outcomes

Finally, some progress with a little training I can maintain healthiness and growth!




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