Waves of Luxury

Pardon me while I speak from my roots

By this, I mean the beginning of my hair follicles

So excuse me if my words sound twisted or dark by nature

If you catch my drift.


Joined and denounced by many

Nurtured by the confidence within me,

Yes we break off so I've made us stronger

Tangled, knotted, and confused are we

We who are thirsty for the everlasting spring

Bring me youth, yet wisdom

Give me beauty without pain

By straight strands, I've been slain

Understand that my kinks and curls are to be my name

Appreciate me, love melanin

Appreciate melanin, love me


My people, we have been blessed with such luxuries, yet we hide them

Blessings laid upon us so we may confide in them.

See me as my kinks 

And understand me to be my curls

These should be included in the definition of a young black girl 

In a young black world

With young black boys



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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