Good Hair


Is it natural? Yup

You're telling me there's no weave or extensions? Yup

Well then you must be part white or something? Nope

Seriously, you're fully African American? Yup

But,you have a perm then? Nope

Wow,you have good hair...for a black girl.

 What is good hair? Good hair? What? you don’t like my hair wild? does it offend you? are you not relaxed because my hair isn’t? does my beauty frighten you? often times people are afraid of what they don’t understand. my hair is another language, one you don’t speak. From the day the first kinky curl emerged from my scalp, people prayed for me to have good hair. I'd be forced to flex the follicles of my being for good hair.... Made to manipulate the manner of it's natural maturing for good hair... Coaxed to cover my curls with chemicals to corrupt my current self for good hair... But it was supposed to be worth it, for good hair... How could I mask the beauty within me? I've hidden my kinks coils waves and curls. And with each disguise I've worn, I have destroyed a piece of myself. I was disintegrating into someone else. I finally said to myself, Its a masquerade and you're rocking the wrong identity. Forget about good hair! Ask me, what can my hair do. What can't my hair do? Trust me my coils can grow and grow and grow... What's not to love about hair that defys gravity? My kinks can crush the laws of physics And pillow your sparse compliments And who knows? Maybe this coconut oil I so vigorously rub on my scalp can infuse yours with the knowledge you so clearlylack.What is good hair? My hair is good hair!


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