Paradise Defined


He told me to contain my hair.

To pull the reins on my paradise.

He said "They won't stop staring."

He couldn't understand the mutiny.

I had  a Garden of Eden growing from my roots.

They couldn't possibly understand its beauty.

I REFUSED to damage it with pesticides.

Freed from the Killmicals.

Mother Nature nourished it.

It was her pride and joy.

It grew out and wild.

Not to be tamed.

But, Oh!

How it thrived.

Michael Angelo's palettes boosted by God's shining light.

He had no right!

To try and detain the chaotic masterpiece.

That caused me to bloom so righteously.

He's eyeing me.

It's unnerving.

Says I'm not worthy.

I'm not worried

No more preaching.



I see pretty.

He feels pity.

I am leaving.

And now I sit here with peace of mind.

The first kind that I've had in a long time.



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