Dear Ms, Arie

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 10:57 -- dasyar

Dear Ms. Arie

I am my hair

I am my skin

I am also the soul that lives within

Times have changed Ms. Arie

I can walk around the office with wild hair and still be "irie"

Dark skin is just my color

Two jobs, good jobs 

they look past my coulour

My skin is still apart of me

I am a black African-American melanin queen

This hair? 

My hair?

I dont care 

I keep my twists in until it dries

walk around the office with them and stilll get "hi's"

"I love your hair" they say

I can be natural curly one day 

Straight hair the next day

Braids on sunday

Twists on monday

I am my hair 

I am my skin

I am also the soul that lives within

Though I am not your expectations

My hair, my skin, my soul are all me

It's what they see

It's what I mean



Dasya R

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