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I feel angry, but angry doesnt feel me. Maybe this is more so an illusion.  You spend your time gathering all of those thoughts, Just to let the positive ones slip into the abyss. You are not lost.
I wish my dreams were real life.
don't unlock that closet [she warned in a whisper] these ghosts have never quieted at night i hear their screams [echoing through my mind] don't you dare unlock that door [she said] don't you dare 
My mind is a land   Where poetry is created and hidden from view   Stories written and shared with a select few   My mind is a place where you'll get lost   With no map to guide you
Behind the iron curtain Silence extends untamed And occasionally I mingle but It matters not who knows my name. Darkness decends As the blocks of color shift Displaying my change of emotion
Open and close, open and close The same action goes on I breathe out cool air Your dearest desires And appalling items Stored in this wonderful box   Curiousity and Happiness,
it's not that i'm afraid of my mind, i’m afraid of what takes hold when i’m alone. the thoughts. they fight for their freedom. battle against the teeth that are their cells.
My mind is quickly racing. I can't slow down its pacing. I'm left here struggling, chasing.   My mind is never dead, Even when I lay down his head. I recall everything you ever said.  
This: a whirling vicious cycle underneath
A long, never ending cabinet of useless information, feelings, thoughts. Once I begin to dig there is no turning back like an endless cave.
To begin something, with a blank mind to begin somthing, where only time can tell you if it's what you thought only time spent, to figure what you've bought.   Most people never begin, 
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