The vortex I call my mind


A long, never ending cabinet of useless information, feelings, thoughts.

Once I begin to dig there is no turning back like an endless cave.

My mind becomes quick sand and the more I try not to think the more I get sucked in deeper.  

I'm lost...

I've gone too far and as I try to escape I see all of my minds pasts and presents: the love I overthought, stress, fear of failing, fear of change, hapiness I shared with you, dissapointment in myself, depression I felt for no reason, lack of self confidence, bottled up anger, unanswered questions, excitement to be independent, hatred towards you, suicide, thankfulness, emptiness, and feeling of wanting to be something more.

These thoughts attack me and I must fight back.

An endless amount of thoughts control my mind like a parasite living within me...

It's not over I realize that my thoughts are mine and I control them I can supress them and do so once again. I return them into the dark cave the arose from only to visit them soon. 


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