My Happy Place


This: a whirling vicious cycle underneath

constant strength, beginning to end.

Calm yet perfect indents with every ripple

that surface, meeting the wind.

Full of creatures, swimming with life,

full of darkness, glistening with light.

This: the gleaming light, bathing ‘round

a willow tree, this; is morning dusk.

Peace and balance, there is a sound…

This: a breeze, a whisper; a scent of musk.

Green growth, red petals; blossoms.

Sensually surrounding: embrace…

Harmonically soothing; pleasure.

Striking fire: inter-laced.


This: This River is my strength, my light, my happiness.

This: This Tree of Light is my steadiness, my way, my peace.

This: This Breeze is my dream, a joy… my heart.

You: You are my Earth. My everything listed above.

All that I love was put before myself…

This: This is my final wish.

May I have one last good-bye kiss?

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