I Am Cool, But Not Real Cool

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:56 -- ElizCom

Open and close, open and close

The same action goes on

I breathe out cool air

Your dearest desires

And appalling items

Stored in this wonderful box


Curiousity and Happiness,

my two most expected reactions when open

I carry as much as you want

You take and also put in

It's a nice cycle

I'm very reliable if you ask me


Disappointment is then seen

Am I empty..?

That can't be, I could've sworn-

Sad and Frustration,

my most feared reactions

The feeling of being useless hurts me


Fortunately, I get re-filled

More variety, so many smiles I encounter

Open and close, open and close

Yes, I'm at it again

Most would think I can't feel

However, they're wrong

I can't show it, being inanimate,

But I do carry hidden emotions

I am a refrigerator


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