An Unveiling of My Thoughts On My Body


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United States
34° 25' 48.5976" N, 119° 52' 10.8084" W

I’m not petty.

I’m not depressed.

I understand why you’re naturally thinner,

And why I’m naturally bigger.

Yeah, it bothers me-

That no matter how much I work out,

Or how much less or healthier I eat,

It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

It doesn’t seem to make me feel much better about myself.

You know what I mean?

I’ve never been one for drama,

I really dislike it.

But seeing you eat whatever you want,

And never need to work out,

Really upsets me,

Because it seems to be so easy for you.


I know that we’re all made differently,

And that we should all love ourselves

for how we are,

and how we were born.

I’m not usually this down on myself.

I usually have more confidence,

And act like it’s all good,

When deep down I don’t feel good enough.

I’m spilling it all out on the paper now-

I’m finally telling the world

How frustrated I am with my own body.

I get that everyone has flaws,

That everyone has something they’re ashamed of

or self-conscious about.

The little bit of extra meat on my:

Upper arms

Upper thighs





Some days I hate myself completely.

But then I start to notice the good things:

My pretty, round hazel eyes.

My long, curvy legs.

My creamy white skin.

My straight teeth.

My nicely shaped forearms.

My cute diagonal toes.


Yeah, I have unsatisfactory parts,

and things I am more than self-conscious about.

But this is the body I was born with,

and although I’ll always be envious of yours,

I’m content with mine.

I will continue to work on mine.

And I will continue to notice the good things.

Because what’s the point of moping over things

that can’t be changed?

Like bone structure

and body types.

I’m okay with my body.

Are you okay with yours?





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