Behind The Iron Curtain


Behind the iron curtain

Silence extends untamed

And occasionally I mingle but

It matters not who knows my name.

Darkness decends

As the blocks of color shift

Displaying my change of emotion

Which is a rare luxury.

I sit, indifferent

In the maze that is my my mind

Sifting through the sands of time

For the key to unlock every door.

I've locked myself out from

My dreams

My thoughts

My memories

And in chaotic distress I have tried to find my way back.

My relentless efforts

Have left me empty-handed

And even moreso undermined

Because I ended my attempts

With more doors than when I started.


And so

I just sit

And wait

With no hope

Of ever finding my way again.


All alone

Because in here

No one gets in or out

And I am just



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