My Mind.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 13:22 -- Bcat6

My mind is quickly racing.

I can't slow down its pacing.

I'm left here struggling, chasing.


My mind is never dead,

Even when I lay down his head.

I recall everything you ever said.


My mind just can't stop.

It's filled up to the very top.

My body feels like it could drop.


My mind is my undoing.

I can't cease it from viewing,

More and more thoughts spewing.


My mind leaves me yelling.

It is beyond overwhelming.

My thoughts: overly compelling.


My mind won't stay quiet.

It's becoming too defiant.

There's no way it'll be compliant.


My mind finds no peace.

My thoughts ever increase.

I can discover no satisfying release.


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