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No racist rat is indeed above the law Justice must be blind, fair, equal and raw For all, in a democratic society
So Things Have STEPPED UP Now ... To What Clearly Amounts To A ... GLOBAL Lockdown ... !!! Cos We’re Facing A War ... UNLIKE ANY Before ... !!! But Who’s Really Sure What They’re Fighting For ... ???
There is a rich Wall Street investor Who is a digital wealth master. One day, crypto prices rise, Thinking that selling is wise, He lost and faces a sequester.
It was never easy. But now it is harder. Seems harder       no Is         harder   When I didn't know, they came Like wind I was alone I was free Free and alone
Hope, a hallow word nothing without hands or heart.   Each day awakens children cry stock markets crumble the world is a lie.   But to imagine a world
Andy and George were two young boys Stuck in a class with no toys. Bored and ready to go The time was ticking way too slow.   Reaching across the aisle for a tap. Hit poor Andy under the shin cap.
There once were three mice Summers, Simon and Tice And all day long, they would hunt for quail Through fog and rain, snow and hail.   In a straight line, they marched as one Up and down the marshy run
  Each one of them is a suspect, The air is thick with suspense. The verdict wasn’t decided yet, So the anxiety of all is immense.   They all look so uneasy,
Another iron python hisses Billows unnatural poisons into the air Burns passed scarred jungle Monotonous percussion strikes old Indian lands   Cyclope eye staring passed souls too insignificant
Note: A short story based of of the Warrior Cats book series written by Erin Hunter. 
The drum beat of a life.  Constant, unwavering.  The voice of a child. Small, helpless. The words of desperation.  A last stand, a final chance.  The cry for help.
Someone start the countdown to the breakdown of my people,
Life is full of twist and turns Sometimes you'll be sad Sometimes it'll burn It'll be good and bad Don't think your alone I'll be there every step of the way So change your tone
My Solitude Puts me in a mood
Don’t go to law school. Lawyers have the highest rate of alcoholism. You’re going to have so much debt. Why on earth would you want to be a lawyer?  
Even when I was extremely young, I knew what I was meant to do. Fighting crime from the court room That's what would make dreams come true.   From the beautiful court buldings,
When I become a lawyer, I will make my contributionsTo the field of law and society by giving a free consultation. Things happen in life that people can’t always control.So I know you'll need someone to console.
Heating the cold Braving the dark Being bold Seeking the unknown Years pass Memories fade Gone; but never forgotten? The old cliche Stacks of files Silent whispers Read me
Welcome to America, I said and truly meant. I hope you'll find it lovely here, We have no government.    
There's no government There's no rules There's no one to tell me I have to go to school There's no government The laws don't count this week I can park from here to corner
For $10 an hour, I am a shield. I will physically put out a small fire, Stay to the back as a crowd rushes before me. I will wield the fire hose and perish in my theater.
I am a liar skilled in the ways of manipulation like star constellations, I connect the dots, thoughts leading to rotten deeds committed in secret. And to you It’s a pretty picture in the sky
A thirty-mile thick crystalline wall Shrouding all sight like a bride’s lacy shawl We chisel and chip at its translucent sides Revealing, bit-by-bit, it slowly confides The secret of perpetual motion
What a shame, how we all were treated before, False accusations, people judged the color of skin. Our potential, needs, and feelings were forgotten, ignored, Our worn and torn shoes, no one has thought to step in.
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