La Bestia

Another iron python hisses

Billows unnatural poisons into the air

Burns passed scarred jungle

Monotonous percussion strikes old Indian lands


Cyclope eye staring passed souls too insignificant

Urine yellow light, too bright, inquisitor of the night

Predator finds no prey but prayers pray

Roadside Jesus eats one last dinner


Ground shakes, ground quivers, ground shivers

The Virgin and Son shake and quiver (do not fall)

Abuelita watches the crowds rush to the tremors

The war drums are here, the young at the front


Listen to the drums (dum dum dum dum)

Close your eyes and listen

Do you hear it? (Dum Dum Dum Dum)

DO you hear it? ( DUM DUM DUM DUM)

Open. Run. Jump. Climb.


Graceless fleas hop (or not) aboard

Roll a four sided die

A) You were lucky, for now

B) You were scared. Smart, but scared.

C) Your legs are a couple hundred yards behind you

D) They got you. Go back to step one.


The python moves on regardless

Not knowing it already has its nightly kill





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