One Job could change the Fate of our Planet.

Sun, 04/27/2014 - 22:19 -- aep3


Don’t go to law school.

Lawyers have the highest rate of alcoholism.

You’re going to have so much debt.

Why on earth would you want to be a lawyer?


Because we have to make more food in the next ten years than we have in the rest of human history combined.

Because our population is taking a toll on the environment.

Because environmental impact is equal to population times affluence times technology-and all of these things are rising.

Because at this rate all the coral reefs will be gone within fifty years.

Because I am a vegetarian who does not drive, recycles and lives in a one bedroom apartment. I am conscious of every light switch I flip on and every faucet I open and it would still take 4.1 Earths to support my lifestyle for all 7 billion people on earth.


I want become an environmental lawyer in order to protect humanity from itself.

I want to keep the trees green and the oceans blue.

I do not want the fourth mass extinction to occur.

I do not want the only time my children see a polar bear to be in old photographs.

I want people to understand how each and every one of us impacts this planet.

I want to motivate people to stand up for the only planet we have.


Seven years of schooling.

$200,000 in debt.

Long hours.

Slow progress.

Will all be worth it if I can help protect our planet. 

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