Vosburg and Putney


United States
36° 48' 11.8152" N, 76° 25' 17.7564" W

Andy and George were two young boys

Stuck in a class with no toys.

Bored and ready to go

The time was ticking way too slow.


Reaching across the aisle for a tap.

Hit poor Andy under the shin cap.

Feeling nothing from the hit

Then growing pain began to emit.


Out the next couple of days

Mind and body in a painful haze

Doctor comes to check it out

Kid needs surgery without a doubt.


Open the leg and what we see

Bacteria had damaged below the knee

Lose the leg or lose his life

Off it goes with a knife.


As they were in a class

Not the playground; not in the grass

And as such

Intent was found to touch.


The defendant need not know

The plaintiff’s physical bio

For results surely tell

The plaintiff had an egg shell.


And so we say

Without delay

That kick from Putney

Constituted a battery.


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