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My mom always worried the day I would get my heart broken by a boy. Little did she know I would turn out to be the heartbreaker. The girl with “no feelings”. So non attached to every boy I met.
Life for you Life for me Life is Love   I call for you you don't call for me life is Melancholy   Melancholy for you Melancholy for me  Melancholy is Death  
Y'all sleepin on me But I ain't a bed. Tried to love But now that's dead. Cuz all these years y'all fucked around And put shit all in my head. Like I'm ugly and unwanted
I watched in utter shock and disbelief The mouth that kissed me the day before Was now bringing me to tears Not missing a beat as he ripped me apart. I know it hurts but the pain is necessary, right?
I feel like I died a million deaths How can you not feel the same? I would say my tears are just allergies but really my heart cannot be tamed   I feel  useless seeing you with your other
the hopeless romantic came out in me. such a short time it took for me to realize what I wanted. it’s funny, though, because I assumed through your soft words and gentle actions that it came out in you, too.
I don't want to fall in loveBecause I'll never be the same
 It was all getting better, everything was going away.   But they all came back to taunt me, kept me awake at night.   I always wondered who I was.  The things I see, I wont always be able to keep them inside of me.
some people disregard the actions they make. many tend to forget the opportunities they take. but when it comes to love, and the true definition. they don’t know until it’s gone, that something was missing.
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