Heart Turned Cold

I don't want to fall in love
Because I'll never be the same
My heart turned cold as ice
Now I'm wrapped up in the game


And I'm heartless like the rest
I know it's brutal and unfair
But I've heard all their lines before
I never thought they'd truly care


I know they'll never understand
They think it's something they did wrong
But I got tired of being played
So I decided to play along


There's no one left that's real
I lost faith in who to trust
I turned my back on the world
Because all they're looking for is lust


I came to the conclusion
Love's just an illusion
Nothing can change my mind
So don't even waste your time


Don't get too close to me
I don't have plans to stick around
Because I'll be better off alone
I build them up and break them down


Because nothing lasts forever
People change and feelings fade
So I leave before I'm left
And they wish I would have stayed

(I drew and edited the picture below)

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerfully said

love is a word unless someone special (whether it's a friend or significant other) gives it a meaning

lust is only short term that leads to emptiness with no feelings growing

experience life outside of that immediate circle

all of us as human beings deserve to be happy, let it find you when you least expected

build off this idea even more

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