Morning Sun

Y'all sleepin on me

But I ain't a bed.

Tried to love

But now that's dead.

Cuz all these years y'all fucked around

And put shit all in my head.

Like I'm ugly and unwanted

Or I'm supid and mean nothing

But y'all can't say a damn thing now

Cuz my whole mood is just fuck it.

I don't fuck with none of y'all niggas

You try and fuck me like I'm one of these bitches

You wondering why I be acting so vicious

I learned from the best that you get what you've given

You giving me shit?

Man I ain't gon fuck with you

Walkin away then nigga I'll run from you

Know all your secrets so don't make me come for you

Thought being single was really uncomfortable

Now that I've changed I think it's more comfortable.

Bitch out here learning 

And bitch here choosing

Not sorry to say you the one out here losing

Kept breaking my heart

I was tired of gluing

My pieces together 

I'm just saying screw it.

Y'all did me wrong and you all knew it.

You all knew it.

Prolly still do it.



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