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In this generation why why is it that the number of likes on your latest selfie determines your beauty While the girl behind the screen hides her insecurity behind the filters
What is it that we as individuals seek? Is it to be satisfied with life, like we've made it to the top of a mountain peak?
The world is more than just the U.S.A. It goes far beyond this problem or this day Actually this world is full of problems You know the ones - we've all got em' But even in our tiny little world
“It’s too hot outside, but too cold in the office.”             “It’s too cold outside, but we don’t have any heating.” “I got new shoes, but it hurts to break them in.”
Ugh...I just cracked my iPhone While kids in other places are recovering from cyclones I just got dumped by my two week girlfriend While other teens lives are coming to an end First World Problems....  
How sad it is that at sixteen my favorite thing is sleep! I try to buy four hours a night but never get to keep.
On twitter these days, there's a new hashtag trending,
To start off, the meaning of Dystopia literally meansA community or Society that is frightening.Nobody would like to live in fear, it is just undesirable.I believe we live in a Dystopia
Sometimes the wind sweeps up thoughts from below, And creates dancing figures like leaves before snow. They spin and collide and they jump and play, And with each little movement comes more disarray.
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