First World Problems


“It’s too hot outside, but too cold in the office.”

            “It’s too cold outside, but we don’t have any heating.”

“I got new shoes, but it hurts to break them in.”

            “I wanted shoes, but my mom said they’re for rich men.”

“I had to park far from the door.”

            “I have to walk two miles to get us water.”

“There’s nothing on TV.”

            “I don’t know what that is.”

“My phone’s about to die.”

            “And so are many kids.”


“My wallet’s just too heavy

With all this extra change.”

            “I never know if I’ll see tomorrow.

            I’d sure like a change.”


But simple minds think simple things

And seem to forget the great concerns.


So if one day each man could stop

And put his feet in someone else’s steps,

What happy place this world would be

With joy and care and bliss and love.


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