Death-Filled Price: The Problems of This World


The world is more than just the U.S.A.

It goes far beyond this problem or this day

Actually this world is full of problems

You know the ones - we've all got em'

But even in our tiny little world

Our biggest worries are impearled

You see, here in the states

We worry about being someone we aint

Individuality and self-acknowledgment -

Ironically, our 'problems' are never absent

In the states, our fears are the tolerances that we seek to change

We see our privileged lives as being misarranged

But in the rest of the world, their probems aren't so small

They don't worry about the next time they'll get to go to the mall

No, in the rest of the world, their worries are of water, food, and safety

Protection so they don't rape me

Beyond our borders, there's real hate and real death

With nothing clean, their bodies have little left

My heart cries for those little girls and boys

The ones who tremble in fear, trying not to make a noise

I want to change the world one love at a time

I want to share hope and give them something of mine

I want to go beyond the grand U.S. of A

And show the world my God, if I may

My dream job is not to share gifts or materials

My dream is to be real and forget the aerials

I want to go wherever I'm sent

Because the truh is,

This world is so bent

The truth is, worries of this life

For some, come with death-filled price.




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