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We dream about anything to absolutely everything. It's time now this new idea of a new millennium, centenium Coming only every few years or so. Don't think you're delirious because I'm being serious.
Its sad how those with all the economic resources are born into the glamorous life of a rich education. They might not want it but yet again, they might. I know I want it but I wasn't born white. I wasn't born into that life.
Because my mother was an immigrant, and young, and single, I've been written off. They say I am most likely to drop out of school and become pregnant out of high school like my mother.
Waiting for the  Dreamer on the sidelines  To make their move 
“Lucky”   One day at school hands shot up across the room, for show and tell.   Lailah went to Disney world. She had her mouse ear cap on and pictures glued to a piece
They call me a dreamer,
We sit counting,  Developing ticks That  Twitch and match the Drone Of an endless day. While you sit Towering above our heads, Preaching from Black books the idea
roses are red violets are blue started cliche just for the view can you say equal can you say fair
Repeated kindergarden No big deal Older than my peers Okay Can't drive Can't work Why? Blame them all My parents included Deffered action My blessing Paid twice
Coming to America To the land of opportunity With no visa, no green card guarantee No papers I say   I went to school Elementary, Middle & High In time for when, College came around
All we want is a better future, not just for our self... but for out families.  Why cant they let as accomplish our dreams, for a better tomorrow. Why cant we have the same human right?
From fetus to 21st birthday, umbilical chord to college room and board, we’re dependent on the authority figure.
In a world of a thousand different faces representing a thousand different races, you’d think that we’d never have to be alone. To learn each other’s culture, dance the same dance, to embrace each other’s culture as if it were all our own.
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