A rose of hope for my aliens


roses are red violets are blue

started cliche just for the view

can you say equal can you say fair

not for the aliens not even claire

straight A plus student minus well fail

unlike the rest that are waiting for bail

most aren't like claire , they all cause trouble

teachers just "hate" and stay iust stay in their bubble

they do not wonder nor do they know

government laws kill college flow

for they aren't legal , they were not born

in this "great" country for whom they mourn

brought here as babies, toddlers no more

this is the place they've always called home

non speaking natives run fear everyday

of being deported no matter where they lay

so why try in school why care at all

when they know it won't matter in the fall

dreamers will try but dreamers don't promise

any real hope for people like Thomas

dreamers want justice i want to be

a rose of hope to stop the flee

someone who listens to this great cry

so one day justice come see my eye

it doesn't matter how hard i must work

i will fight hard til this light is in irk

of every great leader who cannot see our might

i will not settle til i see the light.


















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