if only

Did they know he had a son on the way? Do they know that he has so much hate for his self? Do they know he feels like they ripped it all away because of a couple mistakes. Do they know he’s been hurt in the process. Do they know he lives in the projects? He tired to do it the right way getting turned down left and right. Trying to make his life right for the family he had. Did they know he left a pregnant wife and a two year old son crying  at night. “ America the land of the free.” Whoopee that’s a joke right? He humbly did his time for the night when it all became too much. When he realized he was stuck he ran to the bottle took a walk and away he goes not realizing the effect the drink had on him he stumbled the roads to find his friends. The great officers found him yes, he put up a struggle he knew that night his life would end. So in a cage he went for six months and in a crate he went for two days and when he came out to the land he was born. He didn’t call it home ,house, or abode. Mexico was his birth place but, America had been his home now what was he to do? His wife and son far away working full time to put food on a plate. Realizing she could not do it alone she sacrificed someone she wanted to give a home a baby, a boy not fully developed. She had to find a new family for this little boy because “daddy” was gone and could never come home. The pain that sits in each mind as they coulda, woulda, shoulda.. if only if only.. if only he had a chance to be a dad. If only he had a chance to be the man and provide for his family if someone would’ve cared enough to fight for his life. Maybe we’d have our baby at night…. #whatyouwouldchange


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