Acting as a Dreamer


They call me a dreamer,

More like a nightmare without hope,

One of over a million,

Smuggled here like a drug dealer's dope,

It was not my choice to leave,

The land of my birth,

But I guess my parents believed,

This nation was the best on the Earth,

So much for the land of opportunity,

I cannot even apply to work hard,

Not entitled to minimum wage,

Please just grant me a green card,

If you welcome me as a citizen to your country,

I will never ben charged with tax evasion,

I will always vote and serve jury duty,

Do not scorn me for being Mexican, Indian, or Asian,

I served my time in high school,

But cannot afford university,

I would make your college look good,

By trying my best and adding diversity,

I could be the missing ingredient,

To your so-called "melting pot,"

Just give me a chance,

And I'll prove to you that I can hit the spot,

They call me a dreamer,

But I feel my dreams being crushed,

Please grant me this one wish,

And I promise to drop all the fuss.


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