"No Papers"

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 23:29 -- Admiere

Coming to America

To the land of opportunity

With no visa, no green card guarantee

No papers I say


I went to school

Elementary, Middle & High

In time for when,

College came around

At this moment

Of my education career

I became worried & concerned


Due to my situation

& under my circumstances,

There was no way,

I could attend college

Oh such distress & misery

No papers I say


But right in the nick of time,

President Obama proposed an immigration bill

& that bill granted,

Students without documentation

Who were living in the U.S.,

Status to attend college


Indeed was I glad

Happy & Grateful


The Dream Act

It benefited me,

In a positive way

& I’m sure it can benefit you too


If you’re one who came undocumented

With no papers I say,

Help is out there &

You can find yours,

With the Dream Act today!

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