The dreamers Dream

Waiting for the 
Dreamer on the sidelines 
To make their move 
Have a brighter perspective of life and believe you can 
You can't drow while you swim
Leave the earth beneath us 
But don't leave for too long 
Make your dreams come true
Keep your dreams on the sidelines 
You'll find your way back again to reality
There's no where you can't find us
The dram will look towards you again my friend 
It'll come with difficulties but always worth it
Where's that smile?
It's been far too long
Dreamer on the sideline
Where have you been?
You've been looking the items that complete your dream
I need to know, so I know what I can do
I'll stand by your side
Dreamer on the sidelines 
You'll find your way to your dream
The American Dream 
The dream to leave poberty and suffering for something bettter
A better future where you actually have a place to stay
I'm here for you
One your dream is completed
Look back to me and remember I was there 
Behind all these smiling faces
Remember the reality you once lived and help those dreamers
The meaning behind your life
The reason you are who you are now
The real truth behind the American Dream
Is that the DREAMERS are not included in it.


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