This our DREAM.


We dream about anything to absolutely everything.

It's time now this new idea of a new millennium, centenium

Coming only every few years or so.

Don't think you're delirious because I'm being serious.

We dream to someday achieve what our parents could not do.

They work from the scraps, the dirt, working long hours little wage to create a life for us

That was better than theirs. We often take it for granted, not really thinking it's a big sacrifice

Thinking yeah mom dad that was back then during your time it doesn't matter now.

Everyone wants it, the new iphone, xbox, wii it never stops.

You want to have it all, mad your parents can't buy it, can't afford it. Silent treatment.

You can go out with your friends, go shopping but don't even think to take a second to say

"I love you" or "Thank you for working so hard" to your parents.

What about a different scenario? Life is tough, mom and dad is never around and you feel like 

There's no one who will get it. Listen up, someone does. You go about life not wondering

About how the other half lives, surviving and oppressed.

Some people do have it worse than you so appreciate every single thing.

Make your parents proud that it was worth the struggle coming to start a new life, a better one

Just for you. You are their dream and hope to aspire for the future.

It may be their dream for you to be successful, but ultimately it is YOUR dream.

Words of encouragement, you can do it.


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