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When I was five I had a Daddy He was tall and kind And he called me his princess But he was scary when he was mad I told a fib and he grabbed my arm
I wanna cry but the tears won't show
At ten years old, Little did I know that a hospice was a place to die. It sounded like hospital. Just take off the a, the l, the t, And tack on an extra c and e. I thought it was another place to get better,
I wonder What it would be like If I had a father Who cared, Loved, Helped. I wonder What it would be like To not have to fight For steps, Small, Small Steps.
dads, i've had somedaddy's, more than onemisters i've had tonsbut i've never had YOU...gone before i could blinknever did YOU thinkwhat will happen to the girlI leave behind
Scribbling words and notes that get so hard to swallow like pills flowing out of all these little orange bottles I'm choking more and more but they keep coming full throttle 
  barriers worse than the Berlin wall and contraceptives combined our lives intersect nonsensical cyclical conjectures the hypocrisy blinding it slurs and it curses
When I was nine, I thought that every time my mom received a new name That I received it too.   I thought that names were like purple You can’t forget the red and the blue.  
She watched her king walk away, Leaving her all alone now everyday, Just left her standing by the queen, Her broken life now everyone has seen, She was all alone in the palace,
Hey there Dad, get your gun let's go to the woods for some fun. The weather is mild and not too bright, cotton tails been out all night.
Daddy’s Girl
Coach “Coach I want to play soccer” No you’re playing golf The scholarships will give you a better shot “Okay”
I wish life was easier I wish dads didn’t die I wish babies didn’t cry I wish the winter weather Wasn’t so anti-tender I wish love was easy And hate hard I wish people weren’t so corny
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