You would have graduated college and gotten your first job by now
You would have lived a life full of memories starting to make memories of your own.
Through you, a Fathers love would show
I can see myself right now, waiting for your call by the phone.


You are strong like your Mother, smart like her too, your beautiful eyes are mine though

27 years old you would have been this year it boggles my mind if you want to know the truth.
Wrinkles on my face, lines of living life, starting to really show
I spend my days and nights looking back on my younger days, days of a misguided youth.

As I’ve done every night for 27 years I ask God why he didn’t guide me to grab your Mothers hand
I scream at him for not giving me the strength to grab your Mothers hand that night.
I have cried, Lord have I cried because I was too weak, too much of a coward, I still don’t fully understand
God has a plan for us all I hear, it wasn’t in Gods plan for you others have told me, it still doesn’t feel right.


27 Years old you would have been this year
I will celebrate your birthday like I do every time it comes around.
No doubt I will mark the occasion with a heartfelt tear
Just know your Daddy’s heart is full of love that beats for you with a thunderous sound.

Natalie Marie honey, your Mom and I will be there soon
We all couldn’t be together on earth, your Mom went her way and I went mine.
She and I agree on one thing, in the great Heaven beyond the stars and the moon
we’ll be together there like it should’ve been three into one doesn’t that sound fine.

This poem is about: 
My family


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