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Midnight Watching you 'till I fall asleep As my eyes shut, you followed me in my dream You were my knight in shining armour, my Prince Charming
Singers, Dancers and actors all perform at the same time,  Hitting all of the high notes and nailing all of the sharp lines. The best of the best make it to the front of the main stage,
Standing on your walkway gives me chills, Glowing beautifully with your astounding street flare. And the performances through the cheery nights
Singing my heart out Now this is pure happiness Standing ovation  
Since I was five years old I've dreamed of the day My feet would hit that stage. I've worked I've fought Blood and sweat and tears.  I will never be satisfied until I can say
I stand in the center where the four crossroads of the world meet. I look up as the late night darkness settles in, but not in this city, we never sleep.
Shinning brighter than the stars,I watch the lights blink on, one by one.Sitting on the cold grass, under a blanket of dark,The view across the water humbles me. I watch the lights blink on, one by one.Some colorful, some just plain white.The view
Metal giants towering,the music of history overpowering.The wonderland that goes by many names,its hidden treasure… a chance at fame.LIGHTS! The lights of the big stage are blinding,
Broadway That's my dream That's my one moment Where it seems That the stress, the ambition The countless vents Can stem down, right here To this event
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