A poem about Aaron Tveit

Watching you 'till I fall asleep
As my eyes shut,
you followed me in my dream
You were my knight in shining armour,
my Prince Charming

Waking up, and seeing your eyes
Your eyes,
that's like a whirlpool of emotions, drowning me
Your smile,
that lifts up my longing heart
Your lips,
I can hardly resist
And your laugh, makes my day

Whilst you're occupied
Doing your best on stage,
here i am, doing the best I can,
the best I can to know you better

Whilst you're on the other part of the world,
here I am, also, on the other part of the world
Longing for your sweet and golden and angelic voice,
that captivated my heart,
my thump thumping heart

Amidst the distance that keeps us apart,
still, holding on to the thought,
someday, we'll meet at last
No matter how far you are,
no matter were thousand miles apart,
distance is merely a word
A word that somehow separates us apart

I'm just a fan, a fan who idolizes you soulfully
Severly affected by your eyes, smile, lips, laugh voice
Forgot how this started, but I know
You had me from the get go,
and yet, you'll still have me 'till the end


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