Singers, Dancers and actors all perform at the same time, 

Hitting all of the high notes and nailing all of the sharp lines.

The best of the best make it to the front of the main stage,

It is a dream that many performers have, regardless of their age.

Performing some of the most famous parts for audiences around the world to come see,

Becoming a completely different person, and channeling the person that they need to be.

Singing songs that are both brand new, and some old that people have known for years,

Channeling all of these different emotions, that bring both smiles and tears.

Telling different stories with every show, and allowing the audience to feel like they are a part of the show,

So they can become more invested in what they are seeing and learn as they go.

Everyone is there for the love of theater, and for the same reason,

And they all go out to see a show, regardless of the seaon.

Everyone is very accepting of one another and they all love every show that they see,

And it is a place where you can be who you want to be and allow yourself to be free. 




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