The Crossroads of the World


I stand in the center where the four crossroads of the world meet.

I look up as the late night darkness settles in, but not in this city, we never sleep.

Why? You ask, because the caffeine of this metropolis pulses through our veins keeping our adrenalin running, our hunger peaked at every turn of the corner.  

The brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway District keeps us dreaming, our bodies fatigued and our emotions free. 

But I keep walking looking for something but what exactly I’m not sure.

I continue walking my mind begins to wander. My mental iPod comes on “New York state of mind” plays lacing itself with my thoughts.

New York is not meant for everyone but it’s meant for me.

A place where I can get lost in the chaos of people but become one with myself.

 The blinding sparkle of Time Square makes everything ok.       

Reminding us that life is a stage and we act and perform every day, I read in an article once that Bob Fosse would look himself in the mirror on a daily basis and say “Show Time Folks”.

When you stand at the crossroads of the world and look around at the beauty and intrigue of the lights you realize that it is show time and know no matter what The Show must go on

At the crossroads of the world we never sleep, we dream, we sing and dance; we enjoy life to fullest because you never know when the lights might go out for the last time.

-  Rebecca


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