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Black Queen Angry, irate, ghetto, depressed and oppressed That’s the stereotype they give us Loud talking hand clappin, ginger snappin’ wanna be heard sistas going
To the White man's image my hair is unnatural. To the Black girl's image my hair is unfashionable. Blind to the bounds they put on me, I fight to find what once was free. The devil's comb put through our hair.
5 silhouettes stroll through a white town alone the sight of them causes residennts' mouthes to foam 4 jagged stones are thrown aimed to shatter the dark kings' destined thrones 3 skins ripped to the bone
What is black?   Is black the color of the dark? Is black the color of my hair?
black, a color of class and dignity, has been reduced to ashes, black, once an honor and pride to be, now a burden, almost too heavy for most to carry, black, at one time meant pride
  I feel the burn of the smelly and strong relaxer on my head The chemical takes hostage of each of my natural curls and permanently damages it
A hathor original Master of skill Mistress of power A cult of misfit pride Occupied on a prison planet All are psychologically incarcerated upon
Dear Black woman, Your smooth chocolate overflows through your veins Your crimson white teeth shine every time you adjust the circumference of your lips Your long black hair – thick, coarse and nappy
You'll never believe what I get asked on a daily... or maybe you will upon sight of me. "You're so pretty, what're you mixed with?" My brown eyes roll.  What am I mixed with?
When an unknown man walks in and looks at you and tells you  
My Black is Beautiful   My black is beautiful because I don’t let it define me People judge me and assume I have a ghetto mentality
Who taught you to hate yourself? From our curly hair to our Nubian skin They could never put us down
In the words of my mother “I was as big as a good shit” Which was some shit seeing a I gave her so many complications.
I’m not just black I am extraordinary Not your ordinary species that make up man-kind But specially hand-crafted by the Creator, A pure manifestation of his brilliant mind
I love my dark skinMy dark….dark skinI embrace every inch of melanin that I possessFor my dark skin is that of a goddessMy dark skin, it layers…. intelligence
My Black Is Beautiful My black is beautiful because I don’t let it define me
Little do we knowbut darkness does fade. And that dark flesh won't always be so sweet.Little do we know
Only black people see dark-skin and light-skin as two different races. Only white people still living in those times see us as just black faces.
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