Black is Flawless

Sat, 11/29/2014 - 20:45 -- cscott


Who taught you to hate yourself?

From our curly hair to our Nubian skin

They could never put us down

African Queens

Our hair sprouts into corkscrews 

Spiraling out of control

As untamed and free as a bird

As free as our spirit that they could never stifle

Others may have hair that cascades like a waterfall down their backs

But our hair naturally rises

It rises to the heavens to greet our creator who impeccably made us this way

As soft as a pillow made of feathers

Our hair is like wool made from a pure lamb

Afros fuller than life, no need to straighten

Hair bigger than life and as big as our hearts

Our skin is the color of a soothing cup of hot cocoa 

We burn with the intensity of a thousand flames

The backbone of a trillion nations

Strong as an ox, we never falter

Our skin is dark and lovely, no need to bleach

Who told you that your nose was too big?

Lips too plump?

Hips too wide?

Behind too big?

Gorgeous black bodies

Swimming in seas of oppression

Tell the naysayers that we deserve to be respected

Complex and intricate beings

From the soles of our feet to the tops of our heads

We are beautiful



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