Color Blind


United States
37° 44' 4.29" N, 121° 26' 3.084" W
United States
37° 44' 4.29" N, 121° 26' 3.084" W

Little do we know
but darkness does fade. And that dark flesh won't always be so sweet.
Little do we know
That high yellow goldtone does tarnish, and beneath it, often lies no substance.
So weak weak weak of us to allow definitions from our masters to pass down to our once raped mothers. black as night to bare an accident child not bright as day but bright enough to work in the house rather than the fields. And to raise him to feel better. Not only better but different not only different but accepted. By who? By master, By the young midnight ladies that hope to breed Bright as day to keep the cycle going.
Little do we know
But blue skies don't reveal the stars.
Only the dark nights do.
And running from you as yourself won't get you too far
Little do they know
That there might be more beneath that thin layer of pigment or lack of.
Substance, maybe, maybe something beneath those 50 shades of grey
Something more than that mindless mother telling her daughter to go with the brighter one so her grandkids come know
That high yellow with good hair from our masters standards that we still can't break free from 100 years later. That same standard we use to weaken that pigmented self-esteem as if pigment was an actual judge of character.
That high yellow to some has become a need.
But light as day, dark as night, it's all the same when we bleed




Great poem, I enjoyed it! Check out my Society's Consumption poem they go head and hand!


Really interesting. I was just reading something about the light skin/ dark skin conflicts in the African American community. I think you did a great job of conveying your emotion and your perspective on the subject.

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