Black Is Beautiful


When an unknown man walks in and looks at you and tells you


"Baby you're beautiful anyway. You should be proud to be a black woman Cause you'd be amazed at what a man like me would do to be with you every day. Regardless of your flaws you should walk tall cause these girls would give anything to be you any day. You're amazing a work of art from the depth of your soul to the way your hips sway. It's intriguing how you can walk into a room and all eyes on you just from one smile in that brighting way."


Not a boy of the streets, but a man of his family. A man that would rather be caught in a suit and tie than with his pants below his knees. A man that's not afraid to show his emotions and sensitivities. A man that doesn't play those childish games of promiscuity. But a man that is one with himself, a woman's nature, god and monogamy. You should be proud cause you're a blossom from the living tree of deep black heritage. Don't take what and who you are for granted. 


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