The Black Standard

Sun, 11/10/2013 - 21:21 -- shayymn


Only black people see dark-skin and light-skin as two different races.

Only white people still living in those times see us as just black faces.

Those times? That time where "everyone is created equal" but we were kept seperate. That time when we had to go through the back like some "freaks" just because we weren't light enough or should I say white enough to sit up front. That time when Mary's parents kept her away from me like I could pass this dark shadow onto their child when it didn't reach us yet to fully understand.

Those times where Mr. Martin, oh my dear friend Martin.

Who set up that march with that famous speech that rang out, throughout the world. Music to the ears. Cacophony to some. Nonetheless it was clear. 

Those times were ending.

I look up at the night sky no longer ashamed.


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