My Black is Beautiful

My Black is Beautiful


My black is beautiful because I don’t let it define me

People judge me and assume I have a ghetto mentality

But even though I live in the ghetto I refuse to let it live within me

My black is beautiful because I am always told

“You’re big and black”

And it’s starting to get old

Your insults are like water on my rain jacket

They just roll off

 So come on… let me have it!

If you what to stoop that low than you are already beneath me

A stepping stool to make me stronger and taller so that I can see what u can’t see

See a girl who’s really smart

Likes the arts

Planning to top the charts and make her mark

Striving to be that spark that keeps the fire going even when being left in the dark

My black is beautiful because it has to be

My people did not struggle to rise above adversity

For me to be ashamed of the skin on me

For this is the skin of a hard working slave

Picking cotton in the sun day after day

This is the skin of a woman so bold

 She wouldn’t give up her seat no matter how many times she was told

This is the skin of a man who said “yes we can”

He now sits in the white house with the whole country in his hands

This is the skin of an abolitionist so brave

She built the Underground Railroad to help free the slaves

This is the skin of every girl alive

 Who needs to know they’re beautiful in and outside

And for everyone who has ever felt this way

Don’t let your haters get you down no matter what they say because

Your black is beautiful…

My black is beautiful….

Our black is beautiful…..

                                                                               By: Kloe Mallard



Im doing a project on poem and literature and I need a biography of the person whom wrote it. So if you could please contact me at my email with a clear biography aof you, some background, and other work you've done.

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