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Foraging finch, led amiss.  Madescent billows roared, as clouds enshroud And a sudden cascade coalesced   With a well-timed jet stream & menacing westerly wind. It’s a monsoon, pitch, and roll!  
Dear Brain, You are the venison Of my reality, and vis-à-vis. You are my vice and bane, My boon, but greatest affliction. You are both my most lethal predator, and epitome of impotent prey.  
For the time has come, I am to leave the nest that once was created by Mother Bird.   Ready to take on the world And unaware of what is to come.
Rapunzel looked out of her window,                           and down from her tower,                                            she knew she would never leave,                                
Right to left, left to rightwe are safe, in the dark of night.With the moon beaming on our pale skin, oh so brightdon't suck my soul out, scream with all our might.Listen to the slow vibrations, the tiny sleeping bees
How would it feel if you put your bloodsweatandtears into advancing the world And no one knew your name No one knew how hard you tried
I want to make a distinction Between “human” and Homo sapiens “Human” is my choice Homo sapiens is my species And I want to make a distinction Between “animal” and “Animalia”
In the morning on the bus On the way to school I sometimes get a boner And it really isnt cool   Cause its hard as a rock  And I dont know what to do I try to pull my shirt down
The one thing I cannot live without is myself because she is a piece of me.
When I press my fingers to my throat, There is a tick tock tick, a metronome Like the clacking of the keys when I wrote The arches of my ribs are home. When our bodies ache and yearn,
One day I'll catch you pick pocketing my chest cavity. I'll catch you reaching past flesh without calamity. I'll catch you, hands stained with red taboo,
What am I really?             I am millions of individual components                                              that make up my individuality.
Oh!  There it is,The blood of my Mothers’SinsBlossoming onMy white sheetsLike a bouquet of English roses.A shame -Laundry day hadBeen yesterday.  My thighs have been painted
The room is too warm My palms are sweatty He paces, glancing at the pages. Time is running out I read fast but nothing sticks in my mind. I can't remember the answeres. He glances my way and i flinch.
         The fossil record shows us our past. It shows us who was slow and who was fast. It tells us stories of animals before and predicts if there will be anymore. There may be gaps so its quite fair, to say that fossilization is kinda rare.
Inspiration What is inspiration but a fanny pack full of hammy down quotes from people no different than you or I.  Or is it indifference that allows one to be different.  "Haters gnna hate!" 
How I would love to love a scientist of curious mind and dazzled eyes which seek understanding of complexities in order to bask in their impossible beauty for they understand the statistical significance
I was naturally selected to fail.
I'm with Biology  
Today in English class, we learned how one wordcan have many different meaningswhich I guess explains why so many people lieand can deny it.  
Towers of Infinite DNA Small and gleaming Compounds Just waiting to be discovered Reasons waiting to be found Measurements of life realized In the soil under our feet In the simple air we breath
I look down, And she looks up. My brown eye, to her black one.   I walk on above, she swims in the pool. Separated by only, Fifteen feet and a tilted pane of glass.  
I want to be like Superman,  Set out to change the world In the lab and in the class Researching new ideas would be a blast! to the human mind, to our body, this is more than just a hobby!
The wind flows through the sky, with the plants that slowly die, as they help us and provide, the nutrients to survive. From the flies beneath our feet, to the plain and sandy heat,
Take this monicle, which you call a microscope, Throw it into a hole, which you call a habitat Just see how far down it goes before it shatters. Diversity in the ecosystem, I call that diversity in my school
said today to tomorrow: "hi, we are the same. you have lost a few leaves but seasons are meant to change. and there is water in me, water in you - three-fourths of your clouds are afraid
A scientific mind-- Compartmentalized?   A messy mind-- spilling over the margins scrawling like worm tracks Human Mind   Studying the smallest possible parts of Living  
I look at you and the chemistry happens.Your perfect image is flung across my retina, seductively easing its way into my optic nerves. And when it hits me I flip-flop with your picture and my brain goes mad.
0A1l0l1 n0a1t0u1r0e1, 0S1p0l1i0t l1i0k1e0 c1a0p1p0i1l0a1r0i1e0s i1n0t1o0 t1h0e1 u0n1k0n1o0w1n0, 0W1h0e1r0e t1h0e1r0e m1a0y e1x0i1s0t h1o0p1e 0a1n0d 1e0x1c0i1t0e1m0e1n0t,
The test tubes bubble in the silence, Their toxic heartbeat strong and loud. Cabinets like sentries frame the wall, Stiff-backed, tall and proud. Atop these, Einstein glares down, Shunning imitation human brains
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