Take this monicle, which you call a microscope,

Throw it into a hole, which you call a habitat

Just see how far down it goes before it shatters.

Diversity in the ecosystem, I call that diversity in my school

My community of friends, my realized niche in where I believe I'm supposed to be

Your uneducated guess as to who I am

My mortality rate in comparison to your natality rate

This microscope grows more focussed the faster it falls

Sense, sense, sense, all of my senses stoping as the carrying capacity of my

brain. begins to fill. with overwhelmed frustration that procrastination

Creates and that studying for this essential test emminates until

my entire being is taken up with this world

the essentials the necessities for understanding for science for

religion for climate changes and deforestation

Why? studying for biology would only make matters worse but that

what needs to be done.

So now I've hit the bottom

I've shattered my microscope

I've rised to the challenge

I've slept through the adversity

IB? More like IBS because you can't grade any of my tests

A score shouldn't be my worth adn so why shoud I go to school

why should we listen to you who hold claim on our futures?

Because biology makes us all the same difference that this world needs.


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