Today in English class, we learned how one word
can have many different meanings
which I guess explains why so many people lie
and can deny it.


And then in history,
teacher said that the past will repeat itself
which is a very scary thought
if you’re anything like me.


In math we learned about
the matrix,
and that life is so much simpler if you take away all the variables.


People are like gardens:
treat them right and they’ll flourish,
treat them wrong and they will wilt.
That’s what we talked about in home ec. today.


Then in advanced psych.,
they said how insanity is
doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results.
But isn’t that life?


In art, she taught us how
painters mixed vats of paint because
once that special hue is gone
you can’t ever get it back.


And in biology,
I learned that the body rebuilds itself
every seven years.
How lovely it is to know that I will one day have a body you have never touched.



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