Biology vs. Society

I'm with Biology
It's crazy how you can be with someone one night and express how you feel, just to see each other the next day as if you don't even know one another.
We are so set in these boundaries of what society sees that we never really realize we are one in each other.
What is gender? We never know until it is drilled in our head? Society and our parents get to us,before biology slips through. 
Sometimes as if love can't be love because there are so many boundaries we are set to.
You can't simply love another because of their biological similarities,but you can love someone with differences because society agrees. 
We have formed our world this way to contradict what science says,because it looks so so right in our heads. 
But the world isn't made up of the same people,otherwise we would be boring. 
So why compromise in your eyes,to make sure you please societies side,only to be torn apart in the inside,because you weren't happy with your girl or guy. 
Do what makes you happy,because in the end that's how the mind,heart, and body NATURALLY works. 
You think with your mind,your mind knows your heart,your heart projects the love through your body, and for once you feel like your living.
But tell me one thing, are you holding back because societies alterations in natural biology,or you going to do what truly TRULY makes YOU happy? 
It's a voice you must project and allow the world to know that different is different for a reason and society needs to just let go. 
Because you see, whatever we do in life there's going to be right from wrong, but living a lie towards yourself is whats going to hurt you all along. 
So are these boundaries worth the pain and suffering you bring upon yourself?
Where are you? What do you believe? Are you ready to see what I see?
LIve. Breath. Be all YOU can be. 
I'm with Biology.
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Sometimes you have to speak  up for those around you. I love you all, this is for you.


This is great! I agree that you have to do what your heart wants you to instead of what society does but i never neccesarily thought of it in that way. Thank you for this.

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