Rapunzel the Nomad

Rapunzel looked out of her window,                          

and down from her tower,                                           

she knew she would never leave,                                

but she could not take another hour.                           


Just then Pascal, her only friend,

jumped and gave her a scare,

scales shining in the sunlight,

reminding the girl of her deep despair.


Her true passion, biology,

she could never obtain,

she was stuck in the tower,

She could never study to grow her brain.


Repunzel wished for a miracle,

then came her love, Eugene,

You know how the story goes,

Finding her real mom, the beautiful queen.


Now she was free from her tower,

accomplishing her dreams,

She studied everything,

it was almost like this was in her genes.


Her curiosity was quenched,

studying constantly,

She learned why pascal's scales shine

and why plants and grass and pascal are green.


She was so in love with Eugene,

But she still dreamed for more,

She desired to travel,

wanting to stay and go, internal war.


One love overcame the other,

science, victorious,

She left Eugene to explore,

to see the world, and it was glorious.


She kept exploring place to place,

for the rest of her days,

She was happy, nomadic, free,

But Eugene she kept in her heart always.





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