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Ya Know I Pride Myself in Being... WAY ABOVE The... " Average "... The... " Average Joe "... With... " Average Flows "... The... " Average Bloke "... Who SNIFFS That Coc'... !!!
Only One!   Ectomorph= Tall and gangly Mesomorph= Average Endomorph= Short and fat  
"Offstep"   What does it mean to stand out? To be that one person in a mass of thousands, one step behind while everyone is two steps ahead, to feel the wrinkles of your shirt ripple against your chest
Oh just wondering things Questions that can't be answered Dreams that seem impoosible Wishes for invisible shooting stars   Just doing things Working hard without complaint
A single note Shatters the room Piercing, reverberating Through the soul Within a single heartbeat Hundreds of voices join in sync
There is a light behind my eyes
I am merely an average girl with a passion for fashion, Photography is life, And so are filters.   Realistically, I am a simple girl without filters, Or maybe, a beauty-queen who needs a little edit.
Her eyes are the tree bark;Making her face come al
I don’t know if I’ll be remembered As a great anything or a terrible something More likely I’ll be forgotten in time Reduced to great-great-great grandma And a footnote in my family's history  
I have two legs Two arms eyes and ears one nose one mouth and seventeen years
   I am inadequate. (is that an SAT word?) adj. lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose In a world chock full of Merit Scholars, and teenage charity founders, and tech wizards,
I am passable and passing Neither commended Nor condemned And soon to be concluding
Nothing Poetry means absolutely nothing To me Do I respect it? Yes Do I understand it? At times Do I feel it is of importance at all? Well of course But as for what it means
I never was an average kid. While the other brothers workin' in their savage cliques, I was workin' on my grade point averages.
My heart feels empty and poor I put on a mask for my friends You know what’s inside, And yet I still doubt Your wonder and all that you are
If I were to respond in the opposite manner, regardless of the topic, regardless of the glamour, how do you think you would respond, when in general you are the one to play along? I don’t think this is fair,
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